We're a close-knit team that values openness.

Doing great work is our passion. Creating a more inclusive web is our obsession.

  • Bryan Powell
  • Ryan Clardy
  • Wayne Schroer
  • Matthew Pepper
  • Lydia Lowther
  • Chris Hansen
  • Raaj Baskaran

We build Pakyow, an open-source web framework that prioritizes simplicity. Pakyow makes it possible for more people to build compelling things for the web and share them with the world. The web we're working towards is decentralized and empowers everyone to be a creator, not just a consumer.

We've had the privilege of working with dozens of clients over the last few years. Our clients trust us to deliver the best solutions possible; with their collaboration we make that happen. Every year we work alongside great development teams, launch version one products, and improve upon existing ones.

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We're Problem Solvers

Our developers are full-stack generalists with strong preferences. Building software is about problem solving more than knowing all the answers. We feel comfortable working in most technologies as long as it’s a good fit for the problem at hand. Our technology preferences reflect our love for open-source software.

Here are a few of the technologies we’ve used over the last year:

  • Ruby Pakyow, Ruby on Rails, Sequel, ROM, Sidekiq
  • Javascript Node, Socket.io, Backbone, Ember, React
  • CSS Sass, Bourbon, Foundation, Bootstrap
  • Data Redis, Postgres, MySQL, Memcached
  • Mobile Native iOS & Android, RubyMotion

Perks & Benefits

  • Flexible work schedules. We trust our team to know when they do their best work.
  • Open vacation policy. We don't count vacation days and it isn't accrued over time. Our team is encouraged to take time as they need it to avoid burning out.
  • Remote workers welcome. There's no requirement on where work must happen. We encourage employees to work from places where they feel most inspired.
  • Routine company meetups. While we love remote work, face-time is important. We meet up several times per year at Metabahn HQ to plan, strengthen relationships, and enjoy each others company.
  • No technical interviews. Our interview process is non-technical. Instead, we offer auditions and pay candidates to work with us in their spare time.
  • Equipment allowance. The hardware and software you need to do your job is on us. No paperwork, no questions asked.
  • Humans First Customers, developers, and users are also humans. The things we build (and the way we build them) should respect this.

  • Communication is Vital Good things tend to happen when passionate people talk with each other. Make time for it.

  • Do Good Work What we build also has the power make the world a better place. We should do good work, and also let our work do good.

  • Empower Contribution History is made when more people are able to contribute to the future. This is the most important work we do.

  • Think Long-Term We want the products we build to be around for a long time. The web is the future; let's build a better one.

  • Simplify Because software is too complex.