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We design and develop software that moves us all forward.

Our clients trust us to help them turn their ideas into a great product. The tools, processes, and open-source work we create help people build better software.

What we offer

Building Blocks

Buy small blocks of time from our team and use them to build your next killer product.


A user focused collaboration tool to keep you moving forward. Currently in limited release.


A web framework for Ruby that's building the modern web. We <3 open-source.

Recently on syncd

Pakyow 0.8: New Router, Updated View Syntax, and Smarter View Transformation

It's been 2 years since the last significant Pakyow release. Today I am very excited to announce that the next version, 0.8 has been officially released. It's been a long time coming.

Unit Testing for the Non-TDDer

I don't practice test-driven development

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Our perspective

Good work matters

Software can make the world a better place. We do good work, and try to do good with our work.

People are important

Clients, developers, and users are people first. Features, and the processes used to build them, should keep this in mind.

Process is key

Unnecessary process is stifling, but the good parts inform our decisions and moves our projects forward.

Clarity keeps it simple

Software is too complex. We seek to simplify the process and the results by separating concerns, bringing clarity.

Collaboration is crucial

Good things happen when collaboration is easy. We optimize for tight feedback loops with project stakeholders.

Build for the long-haul

Software should be around for the long-haul. Web and mobile platforms are here to stay; let's build on them.